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At The Colony Dentist, we aim to provide the best care that dentistry has to offer, utilizing what we feel are the latest in cutting-edge technologies. Our team is committed to on-going training and education in order to provide our patients with what we believe are the most advanced dental treatments available.

Dr. David Hubbell

The Colony Dentist | Waiting AreaAt The Colony Dentist, we know it is all about achieving a better smile and maintaining your's and your families oral health! Since the response to beauty and good health is a natural human reaction, we strive to help you reach your own personal best. We are pre-programmed to detect beauty from childhood, so our reaction to it is unavoidable. Throughout history, the perception of “beauty” has changed. But a beautiful smile is something that is truly timeless. The techniques that modern dentistry uses to create a beautiful smile is, in our opinion, an art form. While the functional requirements of your smile need to be taken into account, The Colony Dentist team pays close attention to the relationship between your smile and the rest of your face. Many aspects – such as lip line, nose position, width of smile, and gum display – all play a role in determining what can be aesthetically achieved to give you the smile you've always wanted. Our team stays current by regularly attending continuing dental education courses so that we can offer you a variety of treatment options to achieve your cosmetic and dental health goals. At The Colony Dentist, we offer you a complimentary cosmetic consultation so that we can help you better understand what you like and don’t like about your smile. We have many options that can help improve your smile.

At The Colony Dentist, we can help you attain a smile that you can be proud of …. one that is straight, white and perfectly aligned!

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