CEREC One Visit Crowns, Veneers & Implants

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Dr. David Hubbell uses and is recognized as an international expert on the CEREC 3D system and it's ability to create CEREC One Visit Crowns. Dr. Hubbell is also an ISCD (International Society of Computerized Dentistry) Certified CEREC Trainer and has taught beginner to advanced CEREC One Visit Crowns techniques to hundreds of CEREC Doctors in the Texas and Southern States area. CEREC OmnicamHe is proud to offer his patients the advantage of a CEREC One Visit Crowns smile, especially since it uses all natural Porcelain materials. These materials are some of the most beautiful and most natural looking (and feeling) products available to replace your damaged tooth structure! The CEREC One Visit Crowns system has the overall goal of being as minimally invasive as possible. That way we can help you to keep as much of your existing tooth structure as possible. And with the use of Ceramic materials which are Bio-Compatible they are long lasting and beautiful. CEREC is capable of doing all kinds of basic procedures such as Crowns and Veneers to advanced Cosmetic Procedures and Implants. Dr. Hubbell uses it extensively in his practice to give his patients the quality of restorations that they desire and deserve. What is CEREC? CEREC is a good preventative treatment for adults who already have extensive mercury fillings and children who already have decay in permanent teeth. It is the best preventive treatment because it allows restoration of your teeth with the strongest, longest lasting tooth-colored material available, with the least amount of your own tooth structure having to be removed. Your tooth is literally reconstructed with porcelain ceramic. One of their greatest benefits to CEREC restorations is that they don’t wear out prematurely - and they don’t cause the opposing teeth to wear out prematurely either. The finished CEREC porcelain ceramics are bonded directly onto the tooth, which means that more of your own healthy tooth is saved and your teeth are now stronger than before! How are CEREC One Visit Crowns made? First, the dentist removes any old filling(s) and existing decay. The tooth is then scanned using a blue light scanner, and the exact dimensions are fed directly into the CEREC computer. A three dimensional picture of your tooth appears immediately on the computer monitor and you can watch the CEREC screen as Dr. Hubbell manipulates the 3D software. By using CEREC's CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, the missing part of the tooth is designed to fit back in place, like the piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The result is a digitally customized and exact replacement for your tooth. CEREC MCXL Milling MachineNext, the CEREC acquisition units then sends all the specific information to a robotic milling machine for processing. A ceramic block that matches the exact shading of your own natural tooth color is selected and placed in the milling unit, where a precise diamond-cut ceramic restoration is instantly created, just for you. Your dentist then quickly bonds this new custom-made restoration into place and any necessary adjustments are made for your comfort. And voila! your CEREC restoration is now complete. One of the best things for you is that the whole CEREC process avoids the use of messy impressions, packing string around the gums, wearing a temporary for 2 weeks, or having to return to be re-frozen to insert the permanent crown or inlay. Instead, the milling of the inlay is completed in about 12 minutes and can be bonded into place that day.

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