Dental Emergency

How Do I Know If I Or Someone I Care About Is Having A Dental Emergency? If you’re not sure if a dental problem is a dental emergency, dentists offer this advice: If it hurts, it’s a dental emergency! Dental Pain EmergencyThis is because even injuries that seem small or superficial can affect the living tissues inside the teeth. Quick treatment improves the odds of saving injured or damaged teeth. Dental emergency's can occur during football and other contact sports. If you’ve suffered a broken tooth or have had a tooth knocked out, it’s important to contact a dentist immediately. If your tooth has been knocked out, try to gently insert it into the socket and hold it there until you reach the dentist’s office. If you are unable to do so, place the tooth in a glass of milk and bring it with you to a dentist as quickly as possible. Dental injuries can also occur at times when and places where they’re least expected. Sometimes an individual may suddenly feel severe pain and have no idea why. In many of these cases, the individual has suffered a cracked tooth. This condition can be caused by a number of factors such as teeth grinding, wear and tear, and uneven chewing pressure. Do you have any of the following symptoms?
  • Have a toothache that won’t go away?
  • Experiencing facial swelling?
  • Think you have a gum infection?
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or sweets?
  • Pain from biting pressure?
  • Constant or intermittent tooth pain?
  • Severe throbbing tooth pain?
  • Tissue swelling of the face?
  • Chipped front teeth?
  • Acute sensitivity?
  • Broken fillings?
  • Local swelling?
  • Facial swelling?
  • Pain at night?
  • Painful wisdom teeth?
Dental PainThese are good indications that you are having some kind of issue that needs to be dealt with in a timely fashion. So please consider that The Colony Dentist always welcomes new patients as well as we offer complimentary new patient exams. In fact, we specialize in treating almost all dental emergencies ranging from broken teeth to oral injuries! If cost is a concern and is preventing you from dealing with your dental health, we also provide you with flexible dental care options as well as flexible financing and payment options.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call us at (972) 624-0068 during regular business hours. Our email or forms are NOT monitored on Evenings or Weekends.

Watch Benefits of Regular Dental Visits Movie

The Benefits of Regular Dental Visits The time to find a good place for emergency dentistry in The Colony is before anything bad happens! Trust us, you don’t want to find yourself with an emergency and not have an emergency dentist on your speed dial. The problem is that, most of the time we don’t need an emergency dentist and therefore don’t give it the importance it deserves. Therefore, we need to make sure to take some time to do a bit of research to find a place that we can trust and keep that number somewhere handy. The best way to find a general dentist in The Colony is by first asking friends about their experiences with some clinics, reading our testimonials and then choosing the one that your friends give high marks to. Another excellent way to find a good emergency dentistry in The Colony is by getting online and searching some forums to see what people have to sat about your local dentists. Just like anything else in this world, just because someone has a license to do something, it does not mean they are good at doing it. There are bad dentists and good dentists and when it comes to an emergency you want to be on the right side of this equitation. So please consider that it is a good idea to get yourself and your family on a regular treatment program to PREVENT an emergency from occurring. For this reason we always keep emergency time aside in our day to accommodate for urgent treatment. Dr. Hubbell and his Team will do their best to deal with your emergency as quickly as possible and make you comfortable.

We invite you to call us at (972) 624-0068 to book your dental emergency appointment!