The Colony Dentist - Dental Hygienists

The Dental Hygiene Team at The Colony Dentist consists of highly qualified individuals who pride themselves on giving you the best care possible! All our dental hygienists continually receive advanced training in the latest technologies available to provide you with knowledgeable care. This training allows our team members to help you focus on prevention rather than treatment. The knowledge that they impart is information that can help you have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.
Our hygiene team regularly use laser hygiene therapy. Lasers allow us to provide you with an exceptional level of comfort and care and helps you reach your goal of “optimal” dental health sooner than with standard methods. Our hygienists are experienced in working with patients who are experiencing periodontal disease and are very gentle when treating the patients condition.
What Does a Dental Hygienist at The Colony Dentist Do? Along with the Dentist, the Dental Hygienist is a healthcare professional that is able to offer services after formal training & education and obtaining the proper licensing or credentials from the appropriate jurisdiction. Dental Hygienists will work as part of the The Colony Dentist Team, performing certain tasks that involve direct patient care. Our team of hygienists at The Colony Dentist are schooled in oral anatomy, pharmacology, nutrition and periodontology. Teeth cleaning, sealants, root planning and educating patients about general oral hygiene are some of the tasks that a hygienist performs in a typical appointment. The hygienists at The Colony Dentist have a strong commitment to patient care which is only rivaled by their knowledge of oral hygiene. Our caring hygienists are efficient, skilled and extremely qualified at helping each of our patients achieve good on-going oral hygiene and dental health.
Every patient receives a warm and friendly welcome as we work hard to build a trusting relationship with every person. As your dental hygienist I will strive to provide you with the best dental care possible. You can expect individualized education as we work together to make a healthier you.
   - Hayley

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